HMV Tickets Sell Out In 60 Minutes

Leeds Festival tickets that went on sale today across HMV stores, sold out in a staggering 60 minuets.

The official website reported that day tickets and coach tickets are still for sale.

Check out the previous post for information about coach tickets and where to get them


Leeds Festival Tickets On Sale Today!

Leeds Festival tickets officially go on sale today at 6:45pm. The official line-up will also be announced at a similar time. Its usually around 2-5mins before on Radio 1.

My advice for ticket sale day is don’t panic, and bookmark as many ticket selling websites as possible before they go on sale. offers an excellent guide for getting hold of a ticket in their post 10 Top tips for getting your Leeds Ticket

Best of luck with getting yours!

Tickets Sale Date Confirmed

Leeds Festival tickets will go on sale on the 31st March 2008, at 6:45.

The line-up will also be announced around this time too.